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The unusual little five ball logo which adorns the dial of each and every Eterna watch is in fact a homage to one of the watchmakers breakthrough technical innovation whose benefits and far-reaching potential was first realised by it's technicians in 1948 with the introduction of a miniature ball bearing race upon which the rotor could swing to deliver smooth and consistent winding for their automatic mechanical movements.

Eterna's use of a race of five ball bearings established the basis for a free-moving and virtually maintenance-free system which requires very little kinetic energy to keep the movement wound. So it is this innovation which has been symbolically adopted as the Eterna logo and which can be found across the brand's five model lines. Indeed, the Eterna Vaughan collection is named in tribute to the accredited inventor of the humble ball bearing, Welshman Philip Vaughan.

The recent addition of the Eterna Contessa ladies collection compliments the classic Vaughan and Madison models and the modern Soleure and KonTiki lines.

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